Mangal dosh cancellation

Mangal dosh
As we have already discussed it what is mangal dosh and how it does form.
Today we will discuss about its cancellation,There is no concept of double mangal dosh even if we apply real rules from pure vedic astrology books then only .1% people do have mangal dosh.So we are presenting reasons when mangal dosh cancels out

-When mars is placed into its own house like Aries or Scorpio
-When mars is placed into its exaltation sign,Capricorn.
-When mars is placed into house of its genuine friends,Sun Moon or Jupiter.
-When mars is placed into 8th but lord of house if Jupiter like Sagittarius or Pisces.
-When mars is placed into Cancer or Leo but giving positive REsults.
-when mars is placed into 12th house but lords are Taurus or Libra.
-When mars is placed into 7th house but lord of house is Cancer or Capricorn.
-When ascendant is occupied by Jupiter or Venus.
-When Mars is having aspect or conjunction from Sun,Mercury,Satun or Rahu.