History of Astrology

By Jawad Kazim
Long before physics, chemistry, biology, or any of those other science you have tried to
avoid in high school or college, there was astrology. Astrology, Yes it is reality that it was the first science.
As early as 2900 before C.E., the Babylonians built temples , or Egyptians
Terraced pyramids, to observe the Celestial bodies and planets. It’s a true assumption that
astrology existed even prior to this.Astrology very soon arose into a very complex pattern. By 2000 B.C.E., the Zoroaster of Babylonia believed that there were no strokes, and that everything in
the universe—people, objects, and events—were connected. Not only did the magi
(priests trained in astrology and other occult sciences) study the stars, they were looking in stars for the weather, predicted the future from the livers and intestines of animals, and they were reading to what they believed to be the words of trees, cows, dogs, cats, and insects to hear what they had to say.

Let’s forget about the Babylonians for the yet, though, and picture our ancestors, looking

What did they see in stars?
Well, they saw what we see—
stars, and planets, and meteoroids. They saw the Milky
Way galaxy, and the sun’s movements and the Moon in
all its 29 phases .
Long before other sciences came along, in fact,They were using astrology to explore the relationship between the position of Earth and the other planetary positions in
the Sky. In ancient times, astrology and astronomy
were same science (one soul two bodies), and astrologers were well
educated people: they were understanding astronomy, math, psychology, and human nature.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that astrology was taught in the universities until the 1600s, when
Rational science” took over. Today, most of Astrology practitioners are are still very well-educated and often are holding University degrees in various fields. They frequently have training
in psychology or counseling, and in addition to their in-depth knowledge of astrology have a great deal of spiritual understanding.

Simply saying, astrology is based on the relationships between the planets; the Sun and the Moon; 12 zodiac and other planets in milky way , or Sun, signs; and 12 areas of a person’s life, called houses.
Even after thousands of years, astrology is still the most complex psychological model available, offering
explanations for phenomena , rational science just can’t understand.

Study of Astrology

Astrology was started as the study of the “swanning” stars, or planets, as we know them today. It is in reality the study of cycles, indicated by movements of celestial bodies and associated with energies and
events occurring at the same time on Earth. It uses the harmony of the universe to observe the possibilities of human behavior and experience. Astrologers see the position of the stars at the time and place native was born to map native’s strengths and challenges and native soul’s purpose.

Babylonians were first who organized Astrology into a systematic form.The history of Scholarly Astrology begins with 1800 B.C.E (generally reported to old Babylonian’s texts).High Quality work upon Astrology can be seen in 16th Century B.C.E,reference work is known as Enuma anu Enlil [1] .This work is upon 70+ Cuneiform Tablets and it contains more than 7000 writings about heavenly bodies,By reading this content we find that at at Era,Babyloians were more interested into Mundane (political and whether Astrology).Till 7th Century B.C.E,Their understanding of Astronomy till basic level.By 4th Century B.C.E,Their mathematics had improved that they could predict about Future planetary positions with accuracy.
Babylonian Astrology is mixedup of occultism and Astronomy,Their Kings and Gods were formation of Stars and Planets .

in 525 BCE,Egypt had come under the rule of Persia,This gave a flavor of Babylonian Astrology upon Egyptian Astrology.For example they were considering 8th sign as Balance but after Babylonian’s impact,8th sign was converted to Scorpio.

in 380 BCE,Egypt had come under the rule of Alexander and Alexanderia had been founded.Work upon different sciences was at peak.Scholars were working on every science,Astrology also came under the Pen during This Era.This was time when Egyptian Astrology and Babylonian Astrology mixed up.This gave us new branches of Astrology,one of then is till yet followed by the name of Horoscopic Astrology  which contains Babylionian Zodiac system and Egyptian divisions.