Answer for well my recent ex love broke it off with a few months ago, the connection we had was strong, unique, although I’m 22 and my ex Aquarius was 30 we clicked, they say Taurus and Aquarius never work but we were a rare exception, after was fine until the mother of his kids (not married) got jealous forced while he fixed the problem he asked me to not contact him for a week, Me never being in that position I didn’t listen, and so I got clingy and contacted him throughout the week he went from feeling strongly to under pressure and parting ways. Months have passed, I sent him a message baring my all describing moments we’ve had where he’s emotionally gave into me, I want to know if I should lose faith, our connection was like no other, he no longer had any time of romantic relationship with mother of his kids, he saw a future with me, should I hold hope still, or give up, did he even read the letter, has he forgotten me already, am I already a faint memory or will he come back, I need to know