Answer for Namaskar sir Hand-folded pranam, Hope you are in sound health & exalted spirits.I Am an ardent follower of your high-flown astrological articles which are stellar & path-breaking in nature. with due reverence. Following are the three specific & pivotal queries for which i am seeking your exalted intervention along with effective remedies: 1. Health front & effective remedies to improve it(Medical astrology). 2. Professional front & remedies to strengthen it. 3. Marriage prospects(month & year of marriage) & remedies to avert the delay & in order to get the conducive non-manglik matches. My details: 10th june 1981, 10.6.1981 (Date Of Birth) 12:44 PM-day(Time Of Birth) Srinagar, kashmir(Place Of Birth) with regards abhilash jammu.