Universe is Very much Vast and our earth is only a very very tinny part of universe.

When we see in the sky,we find that this is full of Stars,planets and sub-planets.Astrology is the name of believe that planets and stars  impact upon the every day events of the earth.This believe (Astrology) is with the birth of civilization or may be from a long time before that.

May be this is a fact or fiction,I’m not trying to approve or disapprove a theory!

As a human, We are always ready to point to blame or thanks to havens above for our success or failure.This is 2015,Is it still need to imagine an ethereal management department where buck stops once and for all?
Yes now we have learnt that the celestial intelligence behind the high profile desk never provides a proper solution to our troubles,Apart from telling us that we born with the exemption of choice. The importance of Astrology throughout today,is well documented,From Egyptians to Babylonians and from Greeks to Romans and Romans to 2015.
Even Today, for millions around the world, the search for Sky answers to tomorrow’s troubles creates a constant and continuous captivation with the law that the disposition of any individual may be preset or merely swayed by the position of the astrological bodies and can therefore be called upon to guide every one of us through the human morass of our powerful emotions, love and hate.

How does Astrology work?

when we discuss how does Astrology work, there are two types of Astrology scholars, one forces that Astrology is a natural science likely to other sciences (and that attempt to make it distant from occultism)and others  mostly calling astrology by the name of science, emphasizes the spiritual or occult side of the study of celestial bodies influences. The first perspective, using the natural science way, tends to conceive of astrological  effects in terms of forces, correspondent to the forces of gravity and attraction forces, that are  “rayed” by the planets and stars.
The second school of thought,while often speaking in terms of occults ,usually emphasises that correlations between planets and mundane spheres result from a kind of “prearranged harmony” that is made into the very structure of the stars.

In simple and easier  words, the general term that that astrology studies are a result of “synchronicity” (to use Carl Jung’s term) rather than reason and effect. It is worthless that most of astrologers attempt

to adhere concurrently to both a force and a correspondence explanation.This link is the primary reason that astrology has come in for such very bad criticism from militant-secularists as well as from conservative Religious people.