About us

Billionaires do Astrology while millionaires don’t do!

My astrology stars is an international organization with world class panel of some of the best astrologers from around the world with experience in the field of astrology and various chart readings and making accurate predictions of many years.

These top astrologers from around the world can help you guide through the path of life and help you in making life turning decisions so that you are on the right path and you always make the correct decision.

We have team of Expert Astrologers and IT experts who are always busy in helping you and maintaining the structure to provide you best services in shortest interval of time. We also have a Team of Information Security Experts who are always busy in saving your personal information from going to wrong hands.

The services provided are free of cost and out of love and passion for astrology and science of the stars, planets and the universe; However if you would like any other special detailed reading or would like to make a donation after being satisfied by these top class astrologers and helping them make this organization stronger you may donate to your liking to astrology stars so it can keep doing social work of guiding people through different phases of life.