Billionaires do Astrology while millionaires don't! ~JP Morgan

Astrology, The mother of modern sciences

Astrology is a universal reality. It is the oldest science into sciences, Astrology was existing when there was no civilization in the world. The first documentation about Astrology is found at 2900 BCE. Astrologers are the topmost educated people in the society since the foundation of this knowledge.

The common world is far from it and knowledge was limited to sun signs or daily horoscope. We were having a dream to make a community of Astrologers from over the globe to deliver blessings of this knowledge to the common man without any cost, We are thankful to the creator today this dream is fulfilled in form of My Astrology Stars.

Why My Astrology Stars?

My Astrology Stars is in front of you and we expect from all readers to utilize it for positive ways and spread our knowledge to the common world.

This is a place where Astrologers from the world are here to serve the Humanity from every continent.

This is free of cost and we need you all to convey this message to your family and friends by sharing our site on Facebook and Twitter and also we shall love to have you in our panel if you are an astrologer and you want to serve the humanity. My Astrology Stars is a place where services are provided just for the sake of improvement of society. We have astrologers from two backgrounds:

Vedic Astrology

Western Astrology


“Astrology reveals the will of the gods. —Juvenal
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